Family Law

When it comes to legal matters, family law can be one of the most intimidating and uncomfortable situations. When emotions are brought into the equation, it is difficult to professionally reach a desirable outcome, which is why a skilled and experienced attorney is crucial to your legal success. We are committed to providing a comfortable legal experience that best suits your family law needs, whether you are looking for representation in custody and visitation, spousal support, child support, orders of protection, or paternity.

Custody and Visitation

No matter the reason for separation, it can be difficult to deal with child custody and visitation parameters. If you need an attorney to solve these issues, rest assured that our office is trained to provide the support you require.

Spousal Support

For those clients seeking spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, we are ready to seek the settlement you deserve with utmost diligence and professionalism.

Child Support

When a divorce requires one member of the relationship to pay child support, legal services are needed to appropriately handle the matter, whether or not the member of the relationship is willing to pay.

Orders of Protection

If you feel that you are in danger or feel the need to issue a restraining order or other orders of protection, you can be sure that our team can help establish the protection you need.


Establishing rights and obligations to a child’s biological or natural father can sometimes turn into a tricky situation and it is important to be have the right attorney on the case.

When it comes to family law matters and issues pertaining to relationship separation, don’t put your or your children’s future at risk with an unskilled lawyer. Our office is experienced with relationship matters and is prepared to communicate with you to best understand your personal situation. We want to make sure that you receive the best level of representation and achieve the favorable success that you deserve. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of litigation and can assure you that you will be taken care of when you are in our hands.

If you are seeking strong and professional representation for your family law matters, call our office today and we would be happy to speak further.